Panel Board

Panel board mills are wood recyclers’ oldest customer. In the past they accounted for 95% of the use of recycled wood. Today that figure has decreased to nearer 40% as other alternative uses for recycled wood, for example biomass fuel, have been developed.

Panel board products are categorised as sheet materials in which wood is the dominant material in the form of strips, veneers, chips or fibres. They include plywood, particleboard (including chipboard), oriented strand board (OSB) and fibre boards including medium density fibre board (MDF).

Panel board mills manufacture these products from a mixture of virgin and recycled wood. The mix varies depending on the end products required, but the benefit of using recycled wood within the mix is that it is much drier than virgin wood.

The UK consumes more than five million cubic metres of panel board a year, of which we produce 50%.