Animal Bedding

The alternative bedding market has soared over recent years, with a growing number of wood recyclers diversifying into animal bedding.

A range of products made from recycled wood to suit animals including horses, cattle, and poultry is now widely available on the market, either through pet stores and countryside retailers, or direct from the manufacturers.

The raw material is put through stringent cleaning processes, including dust extraction, to produce the various types of bedding suitable for the particular end market.

Animal bedding made from recycled wood fibre provides a warm, absorbent bed which is easy to use and economical. Some beddings are also treated with additives, giving them extra benefits such as antibacterial or bio-secure properties.

As well as bedding for horses, poultry and cattle, some wood fibre beddings are also suitable for pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs, and birds including pigeons, canaries, budgies and wild birds.